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About our seeds...

Mountain Grove Seed Company is located in Frontenac County, Ontario.  We began selling our seeds in 2008.
We grow and sell open pollinated seed so that you can grow it and save the seeds for yourself, to grow again.  Our roots are in Frontenac County and we have a special place for local family heirloom seeds that we call local historic seeds.

Our seeds are grown organically. We keep bees to improve pollination and chickens for fertilization and pest control. We use solar power, our facilities are off grid.
We value biodiversity and sustainability.
We are a member of Seeds of Diversity Canada, who also promote the saving of seed varieties.
Our seed variety selection centres around heirloom seeds.  Heirlooms are fantastic seeds, many with charming stories telling of their origins. Most of the varieties have been found in, or originate from climates similar to ours.

Seeds adapt to the local environment as they are grow.  Each time they are grown, they become more acclimatized to grow in this, and similar regions.
We grow, harvest, clean, dry and package our own seeds...
just for you!

Our seeds are $3.00 per package.